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Friday, October 21, 2016

Pay Bills & Die? No Thanks!

I have decided that this illustration perfectly captures how I feel about life right now. Or rather how I'm seeing the world for myself. I have often found myself stressed or worried about where I am on the career spectrum of my life every now and then "I thought I'd be at this point by now.." "Maybe I don't make enough money" "Maybe I should go back to an office but then I'd lose the freedom and time I have with my children". Endless internal discussions with myself about career and handful of other things.

But here's the thing...what if the big picture in life is not centered on career but rather experiences??The job foots the bill for the love of everything else in life; travel & adventure.  I've never been a huge 'career focused' person. I'm happy to have one.I work. I do my job. But I don't think about it all of the time. It's not my driving force. It's about what I want to look back on when I'm older. I'm the type of person who is multi-passionate about things. I could probably be happy doing a handful of different occupations...but at the core of that all is that I want my life to be exciting. Full of adventure. Travel. Trips. Memories!!!! (and yes...I know life can't always be exciting...)

I understand that this is not how everyone feels or views the world. But RIGHT NOW I am sitting here at my desk looking out my window at changing leaves, gorgeous color unfolding before my eyes. I've been outside hiking and sitting around fires as often as possible. I love planning little adventures for my family and that FILLS my soul like a job will never be able to do. We aren't meant to pay bills and die. We are meant to live this life we have been given the best way we know how....and when I'm old and sitting in a rocker I want that peace of knowing that DAMN...I lived...and it was AWESOME!

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