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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Creating an Awakening!

Lift arms over head. Deep breath in. Exhale and let it all go! LET IT ALL GO! I walked into that studio this morning feeling judgy towards myself, blah, and overall not at my most awesome. It's been a rough'ish couple of weeks. Sick kids. Sick Adults. Traveling Spouses and just an overall depleting feeling. It happens. So... I listened. I breathed. I set an intention. Breath in self compassion. Breathe out self doubt. Breathe in love. Breathe out tension.

What it comes down to is a choice. A choice to determine how you are going to react to your day. Love. Peace. Encouragement. Or... Doubt. Bitterness. Judgement. For me, it took one class and some deep breathing to remind myself once again that I am steering this ship. I can create in myself the love I need. The awakening of my soul..I left lighter, happier and ready for my day.

The class was HARD. Really hard today. I had been doing my home practice during the 'sickness and traveling spouse' time the last couple of weeks so I knew I was in for a challenge. I had a few times I thought I was going to drop to my knees and just stay in child's pose the rest of class. Leave. Throw in the mat if you will....but you know what else I was reminded of this morning? That it is when things are TOUGH that change and awakening happens. When you decide to push. Step outside of yourself and admire that you are accomplishing something even through your tiredness or bad day.

We all have a choice. And I choose lightness. What will you choose today?

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