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Monday, May 9, 2016

More of this.....

We held hands and jumped from rock to rock. Taking a moment in between jumps to stop and think what our best next move should be. We landed on a large rock next to the rushing water in the middle of the river and took a moment. Both of us kneeled down and placed our hands in the water feeling how powerful it felt moving along almost sweeping us away if it could. Cold. Refreshing. Majestic. It  was just me and my boy enjoying this free gift that Mother Nature has given us all.

The fact that we shared this moment on Mother's Day made it all the more special. It also solidified in my heart that burning desire to share these moments and experiences with my children and husband. I happily posted the hashtag #experiencesnotthings on Instagram and meant it with every fiber of my being. The things I 'want' can be found in the aisles of REI because it is in nature where I want to spend my time. I'm okay with that investment.

Living here in North Georgia has given me such a wonderful gift. One that I wouldn't have realized living in the fast paced city of Chicago or New York but also one that I think I appreciate more because I lived in those places. It is amongst the trees where my heart is light. It is hiking on a Monday morning with my 20 month old strapped to my back with my dog at my side listening to the trees, picking flowers and throwing rocks in a stream. More my heart cries. More of this always....

"We are not what we own; we are what we do, what we think and who we love." - Francine Jay, author of "The Joy of Less".

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