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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DO DO DO!!!!

I must have scribbled this quote on the back of my planner a long time ago and completely forgot about it. I came across it this morning looking for an address which I have yet to find. But since I like to look for meaning in everything I feel that the universe made sure that I noticed it today.

I've spent hours (probably months/years) of my life thinking about and making lists of goals for myself. I am SO GOOD at making goals/plans/lists/etc...I am a big picture thinker, idea generator....we'll get into personality types one day but this is SPOT on for me. What I fail miserably at is the follow through.

 It's a hard truth but one that I have to admit. If I accomplished half of the goals I set for myself I'd be the ultimate human being. Many of my goals are lofty..some even 'unrealistic'. Some are petty. I usually chalk it up to not being able to do it at this time because well...I'm a Mom. I have young kids. My husband travels. I'm busy. I don't have the money. I could come up with a million excuses. It's hard to carve the time out for such things. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.

The part of the Ann Landers quote that keeps jumping out to me is the 'do for themselves' part. You have to be a DO'er for your dreams to come true. We all know they aren't just going to fall into our laps. Big ideas are awesome. Lists are great. But if you can't DO it or at best try...what's the point?

Cheryl Strayed (whom I adore for her courage, her writing, etc..) said on a podcast recently something that really spoke to me.  This one line plays on repeat in my mind at least a few times a day. She was giving advice to a  Mom who had been wanting to write a book and kept telling herself she'd get around to it once her kids were in school, etc...(excuses). Once the 'perfect time' arrived she then went into guilt mode. She wants to pursue her own passions but was feeling guilty because it would mean sacrifice. It would mean that she isn't 100% focused on her children at all times.  Is she taking time away from her kids? Is she selfish for wanting to pursue her dreams? Is she a horrible mother?

Cheryl points out that our only description in life isn't Mother. We are many things. Maybe a writer, a singer, a dancer, an entrepreneur, a rock climber. What she said was that the best gift she can give her kids is for them to see her "pursing her passions like a Mother ______(Insert colorful language). Blunt language (I apologize)...but isn't she right?

More than ANYTHING I want for my kids to be the type of people who "DO". I'm not concerned with the what side of it yet (preferably legal and striving towards a goal)... but if you're passionate about something and believe you can do something than by all means GO FOR IT! Forget what everyone else says and just try.  You might fail. You probably will. But all good failures lead to success. It's all you can do.

But those words have very little meaning if I'm not willing to take my own advice. It's not too late. It's never too late. And if I can show them what that looks like then they can in turn do that for themselves one day. I want to DO. DO something. Do something that moves me in the direction of my goals. We will be a family of DO'ers!!!!

So back to my lists to determine what I'm going to tackle first. If you're like me and you're waiting for the 'right time' to start something let's just throw our inhibitions to the wind and today start making little steps to get us closer to that feeling of accomplishment!

Let's go!

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