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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Going Dark

I have so many things I want to write about on this blog. I really do. Like how excited I am that it's Fall. How I've been reading some amazing books that have been pretty transformative. About how I've been thinking about "home" a lot lately and what and where that is for me. How sentimental I've been about certain friendships and thinking about the past. But oh my gosh, having little kids occasionally can swipe all of the energy out of you. It's like I am an ATM machine and they withdraw all of my energy daily...but no one is there to deposit more when I need it. Well, my good friend coffee helps me out but even that can't compete on some days. By the end of the day I. AM. DONE.

So I've been dark. Typing up drafts of thoughts that are incomplete. Logging on and then having to shut down almost right away as the baby wakes up from her nap (of course). The stars haven't aligned the last few weeks. I think I blame some of the behavior over here on the moon, all lunar eclipse and all.

But I am SUPER excited for the next few weeks. We have so many fun events coming up that I can't stand it (and that doesn't even include Halloween which is my fave). This weekend we'll be attending the annual Lebeau Fest over which I've blogged about before....hello adults night only!! WOO WOO! Aiden starts Flag Football (with the hubs stepping up to coach) and there is just nothing cuter.

The following weekend is our annual wine tasting that we attend with some of our great friends which is basically like the ultimate Sunday Funday and then the following weekend we get to go to DC to witness one of my best friends getting married!

Time to start looking for outfits that don't involve yoga pants!!!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!!

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