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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

All good things are wild & free...

As the teacher handed out the tambourines and egg shakers I watched her eyes light up with excitement. We had our first day of music class together and it was everything I hoped it would be. As I sat there shaking the eggs and singing Old MacDonald I flash backed to attending a similar class with Aiden when we lived in Chicago. I loved that time that we had together. I loved watching him play and interact with other little ones, picking up the rhythm of the songs and tapping along. He still loves music and I believe that those classes helped build what will hopefully be a lifetime of appreciation.

I'm so grateful to have the chance to do this with Piper as well. She will be one tomorrow. One year since she came into our lives and changed it forever. One year of adjusting to life with two children and navigating the ways to make sure they both feel attended to and loved no matter what. One year of many sleepless and disrupted nights as we realized she wasn't going to be quite the sleeper that her brother was at this stage. One year of recognizing the differences between the two of them but loving all of those little differences. One year of watching her interact and adore her big brother and feeling proud that he has such a loving heart of gold.

Having a 5 year old in tow, this one year celebration feels different. It's different because I can look at Aiden and see how quickly those 5 years fly by. It's not just something that ladies say to you in Target and you nod assuming you know it's true. You've lived it. You get it.  That these times are made up of a million teeny tiny moments and it's my job to put aside the hard days and soak up the little smiles and giggles and chubby baby legs. One year of parenting in the books for this one..so I celebrate us as well.

My sweet girl is close to walking and discovers every day a little more that her tiny legs could perhaps take her places. You can tell she's excited and ready to roll. She loves books. Not reading them yet...but just taking them off the bookshelf over and over again. She loves big blocks. Not building them...but taking them out of the bag over and over again. Pure joy illuminates off of her in those little moments. I can tell she has some independence about her which she surely picked up from her parents (terrifying and gratifying at the same time). Her smile is enough to melt me like crayons in the hot Georgia sun. I love you, Piper. I love that we're your parents. I love that God decided you were destined to be in my life. I love that this year you're going to grow so much in so many ways. I love you. Always. Forever. Happy Birthday Sweet Firecracker!

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