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Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Pictures

Let's all give a hand for that wonderous season called Spring!  We were up in Illinois last week for Easter and I forgot how glorious those first signs of spring are up in the Midwest. The grass is a bright and fresh shade of green, everything smells new and is coming to life again. It was so great to spend some real time back home with family and friends.

I feel like I didn't get told about a special secret. The Mini Session! Whoever came up with that concept is a genius.  Holy Heck. I wish I had known about them when Aiden was little because he'd have many more portraits from his baby days.
At least 5 great pictures of your kids in 10 minutes (which really is all you need). 10 minutes is about all my children can give so it's ideal (and not so hard on the wallet) and then you can print those bad boys out for next to nothing and send them off to family and friends. I'm so proud of myself because this marks TWO professional photos of my children together in 6 months (one of those rare proud Mom moments).Here are some of my favorites from our Spring Session. Thank you to Ashley Mushegan. Between the teepee and the bunny rabbits I could hardly stand the cuteness overload.

 Piper's Dress- Mini Boden
Aiden's Shirt- Gap Kids
Aiden's Bowtie- Crewcuts
Piper's Headband- made by myself and Nana :) 

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