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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I must have written three versions of my "New Years Post" before settling on this one. Short. Sweet. Simple. I was getting too in depth. Too complicated.

Because sometimes it's not all that complicated. Sometimes you resolve to keep doing what you're doing. Naturally, I have a small post-baby bucket list of things to accomplish such as shed the baby weight, get in shape, yada yada...but for 2015 I want to focus on "Growth". This word is just perfect for this year. For me. For my family. We (my husband and I) keep saying to each other that this is the  "Year of Growth!".

It's two-fold or three-fold even. Grow as in 'don't spend on unnecessary items' which is always tough sometimes. You've probably noticed our 'itch' to get out and go places. We'll have to say no to some fun things along the way. Make room to say YES though too (or else we'd go crazy). Save. Focus on the future. Growing college funds and beach house funds and all sorts of funds that we'll one day be so happy we have.

For me, it also just means to keep growing as a person. I can honestly say I feel that I've grown so much over the last few years. Such an amazing feeling when you can sense and really feel a shift in the way you think about things. The way you view yourself, those around you, and realize in the end it really comes down to those little moments. The little snippets are so important. Kids grow fast after all. I want to savor those tiny moments in time. That time you spend with your little family. So important. I haven't always been that way. Ask my parents. In my younger days I was very much a "what am I missing?" kind of person. Gotta go. Gotta go out. Gotta do something. Turns out, not missing much. At least nothing better than my family feels. You know? Not that I don't love a good time still and making time for those moments is important. But I want to keep that momentum going. Keep growing up. Realizing what is important. Focusing on my family. Grow as a Mother. A wife. An employee.  Grow and focus on the friendships that mean so much to me. Talking more and emailing/texting less. Calling up the people I love often. Simple....and yet could help make me an even better version of myself and feel satisfying at the end 2015.

Hope your resolutions are still going strong and that you all have a wonderful 2015!

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  1. and hang with friends cooking and just enjoying company :) watching the kids play and grow