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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When Life hands you a minivan!

A spooky thing happened last week other than Halloween around here. Aiden had a wonderful Halloween as all kids did and now I have to stare at a bucket overflowing with candy everyday. It's not helping me in my "get my bod back" efforts at all. Damn you Snickers! DAMN YOU! But that is not the spookiness I speak of...this last weekend I took another step towards understanding what parenthood and adulthood is all about. To you, this may seem silly or ridiculous. You may even roll your eyes but to me it signifies me releasing any selfish tendencies I've held on to over the last five years. We bought a minivan.

You see, the past few years we've discussed getting any car OTHER than a minivan and until about a week ago I really thought I'd have one of the following; a Land Rover (an old white Discovery with an awesome roof rack) which honestly I intend to own one day, a large SUV (Tahoe, Yukon, the White Diamond color only because that is what I love..white diamond not white).I love white. What can I say? But instead, I ended up with a black minivan. And I thought it was going to be painful. As if I'm letting go of any cool card I had left, but really I took a step in the right direction. I realized what was best for my family. What would make life easier. What made the most sense. What 'realistically' fit the budget. It feels good knowing we made a great decision for our family. And hey..don't tell anyone but dare I say I think it's actually a great car? ;)

And while I've been a mother for 5 years now this purchases makes me really embrace the fact that while I know this to be true I must accept that it's not about me anymore and that is a tough pill to swallow some days.The days when I just want to go to a particular yoga class but I can't because the hubs is traveling or I know it's more important to play with imaginext toys with Aiden then to squeeze in a hike or run. I'd love to go to the gym five days a week or take a run solo but I know that these things just can't always happen when I want them to...at least not for the forseeable future. It's about my family. It's about spending time with my little ones so they feel the love from all angles. I'll figure out ways to carve me into the picture. Sure. And I do. I'm so lucky to have a partner who knows how important that is for me. Not to mention he equally helps out around the house which is a huge plus and is so great at organizing things which I'm not. He's truly the ying to my yang.
Parenting teaches us all kinds of lessons. Some you learn immediately (i.e..sleep won't come easy for a while or how to change a diaper) and others hit you like a ton of bricks years after you've had your first kid (wait, I'm a parent!?) But I like the journey of getting to this place. Getting here honestly and admitting that lessons don't always come easy. Not to everyone.

But fear not...we intend to pimp out our swagger wagon and make it our own. :)

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