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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Well hello there! I'm back...I think.

Hey there! What can I say? I haven't blogged since August 8th and so much has happened since then I don't even know where to begin this post. The last two months have been blurry with a whole mix of different emotions flying around and frankly flew by pretty fast.

Let me bring you up to speed to the tune of some bullet points.

- August 18th: Gave birth to a gorgeous little girl that we have named Piper Ann. She was 7lbs and 5 oz and looks identical to her brother. I have logged on to my blog and thought about writing a post a handful of times but I have just been consumed in my own little world and you know what? I decided that was a good thing; to focus on getting through some challenging sleepless nights, snuggling during the day and work on being a great mother of two which it turns out is kind of hard some days.  Also, some people can function well on little sleep but I am not one of those people. I become forgetful and my mind is in a constant blur..like a bad hangover. Writing was NOT happening. Piper is now 7 weeks old and is starting to get into her groove though. We all are I think. Thank goodness!!

- Monday, September 15th: I lost my Mamaw. Here's the thing. I have had ALL of my grandparents in my life up until this day. I'm in my mid-30's and have had the joy of still conversing and knowing and having my grandparents around to meet my children and know me in my adult years. Blessed doesn't cut it but I am. My Mamaw, Corine, lived a very long and very great life which gives me great peace. I really hope I'm around that long for my family. My hormones were really throwing me off during this time because it's really hard to be sad when you're holding a new life in your hands. My heart would ache for the loss and then feel joy for what I've gained and it was all just so much to handle. I also was having a hard time with the timing. You see, when Aiden was born we lost my Mother In Law shortly after so this is now twice we've dealt with loss after the birth of a child. It rocks you. I saved most of my tears for late at night when I was looking at Piper hoping that her and Aiden will have grandparents for as long as I have. It's been a month since she passed and it just doesn't seem right.

September 25th:  Happy times again! Aiden turned 5 years old and I just CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Even now, it feels so strange. Just yesterday (everyone says that...annoying alert) he was a baby. No. Really. He was. He looked just like Piper does right now except he wasn't wearing pink and headbands. It sometimes feels like I turn around and he has gotten taller, smarter, says something way too mature.. more 'big boy' and it just happened out of nowhere. He has girls chasing him already. What the what?  Even at five though he has still managed to stay so sweet, kind and sensitive. Still calls me Mama. I hope he stays that way for a lifetime and always calls me Mama always. Am I going to wake up and my kids are going to be teens giving me grief? God I hope not. But if it's true that what goes around...I'm in for a wake up call! Sorry Mom and Dad! Yikes! Must focus and relish in this 'tiny time' while I can.

September 27th: My Mom went back home... for good. She had been here with me right before and after Piper was born, spent time in Alabama with my Mamaw, came back to Georgia, back to Alabama, etc..you get the drift. Lucky for me she came back for Aiden's birthday and then that was really it. It was super sad because having her here (and a slew of other family visitors over the course of these two months) made me realize that while we love our life here (and we do...so much) we miss out on the Village sometimes. It does take a village too and I see that very clearly now. We both (Chad and I) have large families who are fantastic and awesome and we aren't near any of them. However, I am glad to be about 4 hours from many of my relatives. That's something. Better than when we lived in Cali. Some days it is the pits to be away and I remember feeling the same way when Aiden was a baby. Extra hands would be nice right about now but I am thankful that we are travel-minded folks...we love taking our kids anywhere so I know I'll always make a point to see our families.


October 15th: Baby girl is almost TWO MONTHS OLD already.The air is turning cooler. Leaves are starting to Fall. I got to bust out a puffy vest and sit by a fire...and now I can drink a few good glasses of wine. All is right in the world as my favorite season ushers in once again. Hikes are being taken and having a baby in tow makes it even a little more magical. The calendar is filling up with fun 'fall' weekends in the mountains, heading home to see our families and see some friends, Halloween costumes have been purchased, the pumpkin patch has been visited and life is starting to show a glimpse of normal again. It feels like the perfect time to start blogging again.

Side note: The picture below of Piper...I can't even handle! Baby cheeks, baby smiles, baby yawns, pudgy legs...it's like Thanksgiving dinner everyday. She's delicious!

I look forward to writing again and documenting everything. I see now what this blog could be for me...that one day my kids and grandkids can log on and read about our life, about me, and get to know the me I am today! When my Mamaw passed I heard stories about her when she was younger, about her siblings, even stories from just when I was younger. I  learned things I didn't know about her. It made me think that this will one day be amazing because we have so much to give to our kids and stories to share...hopefully this will help tell mine!

Happy Thursday friends and for those who read thanks for the patience!

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