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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

Wow! What a great Fall weekend. The weather in Georgia was spectacular! It was the sunny, keep the windows open at night and snuggle up kind of weather. It was scrumptious.

This week most importantly kicked off with little Piper turning 2 months old. I've made it TWO MONTHS and I am in intact! WOOHOO. Pop the cork and pat me on the back. ;)

Saturday morning I headed over to my friend, Tin Can Cozy's for PJ's, Coffee and Bagels. A group of ladies gathered around the fire pit, drank coffee, relaxed and talked about anything and everything for a couple of hours. I have become more of a morning person as I get older but having a newborn has lead to a few 'haggard' mornings if you will... and that's putting it kindly. With that in mind, I wasn't sure how I felt about being chatty early on in the morning but it turned out to be a wonderful way to kick off a Saturday. I left feeling refreshed and highly over caffeinated. I was ready for anything. I hope she continues this gathering. It's a nice way to sneak away in the morning for a little 'me' time.

Later that day we attended the birthday party of one of our little guy's friends and that ended up being fun for the adults too (who knew!?) The theme (A Halloween Costume Party) was a major hit for the kids and it was so nice seeing them bounce around, whack a ghost piñata and eat caramel apples and cotton candy. God I love Fall!

Sunday we started our day off with an early morning hike with the family. We picked a trail we hadn't tackled since before I was pregnant and we all had such a great time. Aiden collected a hat full of nuts (with the intent of trapping squirrels for the dog) and Finley toyed with the thought of splashing in the water. Those are my most favorite moments.

In the afternoon we attended the Marietta Wine Market's annual wine tasting with some great friends and it was great fun indeed (hence why I'm getting to this post on a Tuesday..hehe). If you live around here I certainly suggest checking this event out. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. I sampled some really delicious wines and have a few new ones to add to my bar cart (which I'll blog about soon because I'm in LOVE with it!!!) This was our second year and I think we've officially decided that this is going to be an annual tradition. Laughter, wine and a lovely afternoon. It makes me sort of feel like I'm back in Santa Ynez sampling wines. Oh how I miss that!

This week I'm all about focusing on making headway on my many checklists. I'm learning that lately the only way I'll get things done around here is if I write down many many checklists. I have a few going; one for cleaning and organizing my house, one for writing, a holiday bucket list and a whole slew of other things. We'll see how far I can get with this list. Moms, how do you get everything done? I feel like I have so many ambitions but end up mostly just doing laundry. Yuck!

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  1. i agree about the lists..i feel i am never fully rocking all aspects of my life. if one is going great then the others suffer..how are we to do it all...all the time?