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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The World is Your Oyster

"The World is Your Oyster". "Climb Every Mountain" "Follow that Dream". These are the words that adorn the walls of my sweet 8 week old daughter's room and I hope she heeds that advice one day. It wasn't until the other day though that I really REALLY took the time to consider that they are words of encouragement not just for her but for me. For all of us. After all, I bought them for a reason right? I sit there rocking her in the glider gazing at the words. Was I sending myself a message and hadn't realized it?

Because the thing is it's never too late to climb that mountain or go for that dream. Even when you feel like there is NO WAY I could do or be anything other than what I am right now in this moment. I should have done that years ago. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda. I know that is not true. I've seen it with my own eyes in other people. But occasionally it's easy to get comfy and cozy where we are and to be walking around with blinders on. To snuggle into our own little pigeon holes. Shoving our ambitions somewhere deep inside of us with the intent of dusting them off ONE day (when the kids are grown, when we settle down, once we get our ducks in a row....etc...) I want to know what it's like to "Climb Every Mountain". I want to "Follow that Dream". The "World is My Oyster" too damnit!
It's scary. It is. Terribly. And as I talked with one of my closest friends yesterday it's not going to happen over night. Heck, I may not even know what IT is yet that I want. No. I know that I DON'T exactly know. I have inklings. Things I want to look into and explore further. Many things I am passionate about. Interested in. But I can't hold back. I won't allow myself to get too comfortable with what I'm doing and where I am. When my kids are older I want them to speak of me and say things like "I mean, the world was her oyster. She always followed her dreams. It's like she could climb every mountain."I realize that it doesn't matter if it's grand, fancy or comes with little to no recognition or even a big paycheck...it's just important that I do it. That I try. Trust that I'm going to figure out which mountain to climb and get all the way to the top.
I feel like Jerry Maguire. I want to scream "Who's coming with me!?" "WHO'S COMING WITH ME!??". This concludes my "where am I going??" post for the week ;)

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