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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Vanishing Post....

Picture is 100% unrelated to this post. She just is so stinkin' cute.
I wrote a post yesterday and then it disappeared. It didn't get saved. Vanished! I was so bummed but it was just that kind of day. I've been trying to be consistent with things too so I was determined to post something. Of course by the time this all went down the baby needed to be fed, brother picked up and then any time for myself was out the door until 9p at which point I was ready for bed. It's okay though. I realize I needed to sit on those thoughts anyway before sending them out into the universe. Instead, here are some things that have me pumped up lately.
TINY a story about living small: You may or may not recall a post I did about Tiny Houses and my obsession with the notion of having one. And I WILL HAVE ONE SOME DAY! This documentary is on Netflix and is really quite enjoyable if you also love the Tiny movement. Nothing makes you appreciate the space you have like seeing people living in 200 square feet. ;)
The Mountains are Calling: ...and I'm a gonna go! It's about that time of year when we head to the mountains for a weekend of stunner views, relaxation and spending time with our dear friends. I am SO EXCITED!! Light the fire pit, open a bottle of red and enjoy the peace that comes with being high above the clouds. Hiawassee here I come!
Halloween: Halloween is just two sleeps away (we do things by sleeps here..anyone else?). I read this post this morning and was rolling with laughter because it is beyond true. I'm going to try and chill and have a good old fashioned Halloween. I know I have been that modern mom and it makes me ill. I partially blame the ridiculousness of costumes on catalogues like "Chasing Fireflies" that magically appear at my house. Aiden REALLY wanted a snake costume that was $98!!!! With shipping that is OVER $100 for a HALLOWEEN COSTUME! Not on my watch.

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