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Friday, August 8, 2014

Sleep makes everything better!

Oh my gosh! My rant yesterday was real and truthful and I still want to run many people off the road but can I just say it's AMAZING how I feel totally different today because I had a great night's sleep?? That either means I'm going to be a beast to be around when this baby is born or I'm bipolar. I'm not sure. LOL! It doesn't matter. Yesterday I was all angst and 90's alternative and today I'm Pharrell's "Happy". Blame it on the baby I guess.

Either way, today I am not feeling so angry with the world and wanting to flee suburbia...just yet anyways. This morning we grabbed a quick (short) hike with the dog and doing something active usually starts the day off on the right foot for me. Looking forward to a weekend of 'nesting' and getting ready for the arrival of Super Nana on Monday who is coming to help us out. Thank goodness!

Tonight it's Family Game Night as requested by Aiden so we'll be busting out Candy Land and Crazy 8's.

I wanted to also share this article that one of my besties sent me a week or so ago and I have gone back and read it a couple of times. Maybe it's what you're looking for today. I know it makes me want to start choosing MUST over SHOULD every day of the week. Check it out here.

Until next time....have a great weekend!

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