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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When a Hotel gets me...

Maybe it's just me in my hypersensitive state these days but customer service at many places these days is lacking. You don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling from too many businesses anymore. Not too many businesses go out of the way to make you feel like they want you or appreciate you as customers. Everyone just wants something from you all of the time. At least that is how I feel LATELY.

So it's super refreshing to visit a place where you feel the exact opposite. I have blogged about the Aloft Hotel in Asheville before but allow me to make sure you know that this is where you need to stay next time you visit Asheville.

We cruised up to Asheville with the Hubs on our way to Ocean City so he could do some work and because well, we love Asheville so why not? We thought we had booked a room with two double beds but apparently we booked a King. Oops! They were all out of doubles but just smiled and said something to the degree of "Would you be interested in an upgrade instead?" Sure! Now mind you, the Hubs accumulates hotel points so that helps but it was more the reaction that made me happy. It wasn't a sigh followed by a "sorry Charlie..what do you want me to do about it? Your mistake." look which I get from time to time. Nope. Instead, happy to help us!

We headed up to the gorgeous room that was nicer than any apartment I ever lived in and then they won me over. Instead of roll away beds they have blow up beds for kids. Not too exciting but when we opened the bag to set up the bed it was complete with Batman Sheets and a Batman Pillowcase!!! REALLY? Aiden thought that was the COOLEST thing ever..and so did I. Bravo Aloft! Bravo! Felt like home.

We headed downstairs for the complimentary wine/cheese happy hour with our 4 year old so I assumed we'd get a few eye rolls but instead the management was in town and chatted with us for a few minutes and fixed Aiden a heaping plate of strawberries and cheese with a smile.

With a pep in our step we enjoyed an amazing dinner and ambiance at Wicked Weed Brewing (a block away). I'll be back once this baby is out to enjoy the amazing beer selection. Instead Aiden and I enjoyed the Root Beer and Homemade push up pops.
We capped the night off with a quick swim and Aiden had an insanely fun bubble bath.

I feel like so often people use the internet to vent, complain or warn people to stay away from brands or businesses but I wanted to just take a moment to say THANK YOU to the Aloft Asheville for making the Waltemyers' want to book another room in the very near future!

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