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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Top 10 Ways to Have the Best Beach Vacation Ever!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday we headed to Ocean City, Maryland over Memorial Day Weekend. My husband grew up going to this beach so it's become a part of our family tradition which I quite enjoy given my love of the beach. Ocean City is really a great beach for your family with loads of fun things to do!
Here are my Top 10 ways to have the best beach vacation ever!
1. Get your toes in the sand immediately!
Don't check in. Unpack. Grab a snack. Just go directly to the beach as demonstrated below and dip those toes, dig for crabs, feel the water, and just pop a squat and let out a deep sigh of relief. You made it!

Jimmy Buffet is a wise man. Find yourself a tasty concoction you love and buy plenty of it. What's your jam? Craft beer? Rum Runners? Wine Spritzers? Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy's are ideal in my opinion for the summer. In Ocean City you can get the most ridiculously awesome Bloody Mary's at The Crabcake Factory. Below is my "virgin" bloody topped with Blue Crab meat but they also make a mean bloody covered in bacon.
3. Take morning walks on the beach. Clear your mind. Your heart. Your soul. Just listen to the ocean and breathe that air in deeply. You may even see some dolphins.
4. Get buried in the sand. It's a rite of passage.
5. Enjoy your family, friends or whomever you are with for this trip!
6. Take in a sunset. Watching the sun set over water is one of the most magical things to lay your eyes upon.
7. Know what it means to REALLY RELAX.
8. Love the one you're with!
    9. ICE CREAM! I have yet to meet a beach town that doesn't offer a classic ice cream stand. Dumser's in Ocean City carries what I consider to be the best ice cream I've ever had (yep..that good). Coconut Chocolate Chip. (reminder to self: see if they ship to Georgia or try to make it this summer)
10. Don't Worry...about a thing!
Isn't that what vacation is all about? Download "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley. It's one of my all time favorite songs and wish I could take a time capsule and go back and make it my wedding song. Bob Marley is one of my favorite artists and that song sums up everything you need to know to enjoy the beach! So what beach will you be visiting this summer? Whichever it is...enjoy!

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  1. These are some very great tips for enjoying a vacation spent in the sun! I think that vacations on the beachfront are some of the best too. It really does feel so relaxing just going to the beach and spending the day surfing or sunbathing under the sun.

    Seth Ashford | http://timeouthideouts.com/newport