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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Preoccupation with Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with Aiden we spent an obscene amount of time looking at, researching and plotting what stroller and car seat system we were going to buy. We tossed and turned over which one to buy, went to this same over priced baby store in Los Angeles and looked and played with the models we were considering until finally like little bunny foo foo we were bopped on the head and realized that spending over $1,000 on a stroller/car seat contraption was bordering insanity. I'll pat myself on the back for that one. Close call. Instead, we opted for a Snap n' Go (which is brilliant by the way and costs a mere $60 or so) until almost about 9 months after the baby was born we purchased a B.O.B stroller (which I still have and still love and will use again..and it didn't cost over $1k).

This is but ONE example of the craziness that can happen when you're pregnant. Logic can go out the window. You become consumed by things like which monitor to buy, the color of the nursery, what kind of vitamins you should be taking, etc...it's exhausting and probably exhausting to those around you who probably don't REALLY care which sound machine you're looking into buying. If you don't have children yet but were like this when you were say...planning your wedding..I advise you to enter pregnancy planning with caution. Arrange supervision even.

I'm finding that the second time around isn't as intense as far as 'baby prep' needs. Perhaps it's because you have most of what you need already and it's not your first rodeo so you feel more prepared for what's coming. I've got the gadgets down but I'm still a woman obsessed. Obsessed with nursery themes and crib bedding. Wall Art and decals. Adorable clothing lines I discover on freaking Instagram and look at with a gleam in my eye. Darn Instagram and Etsy! And the worst part of all is I KNOW IT! It's as if I'm rolling my eyes at myself but just continue on this path of frivolous spending on baby. I AM OUT OF CONTROL PEOPLE! Despite playing it cool, there is still this pre-occupation with being pregnant that happens to some people (I hope not some but everyone but I realize I can't generalize). I'd even say it's the 'business of being pregnant' really. If you work, you may notice that you are willing to let a few things at work slide a little more because you're too busy deciding which crib is the best and perfecting your nursery inspiration boards. There are a multitude of choices at your fingertips for décor, bedding, burp cloths, toys, etc.. Companies are moonlighting you through mailers constantly trying to win your business so you'll buy there baby sling instead of the other guy. And even though I know it's nuts I fall for some (*cough* all) of it. Shoot, look over at my Pinterest feed...obsessed with nursery décor just a little? Um, yep!

The other day as I was deciding which handmade mobile I really need on Etsy and custom crib bedding I certainly should get shipped from the U.K. it dawned on me that there was a time when women didn't give a hoot about ANY of this. In fact, there might be women out there who don't care or think about this stuff that much now (although hard to believe but I'd love to meet you so you can intervene here) As you know, I like to reflect on the past and think about when my parents and grandparents did things so let's assume that when they were pregnant they were just...ya know...pregnant. The circle of life people. Ain't no thing. Women have babies every day. They went on with life. They didn't get prenatal massages or use special facial care products during pregnancy. They often made maternity clothes to wear (I know my Mom did) and that was fine. She looks killer in her pictures. They had work to do so they weren't sitting around reading parenting books and articles about vaccinations, communicating with your baby while in the womb, breastfeeding, or ways to 'get your body back' after baby. They weren't creating Pinterest boards just for crib bedding. Mind you Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, Etsy, etc...did not exist and I love blaming them for this constant flow of 'stuff' that passes my face daily. I remember specifically my grandmother describing her daily routine of washing/folding/ironing a stack of cloth diapers only to do it again the next day. And probably with no AC! Holy Moses! It sounds awful.  We have it made! They got the basic nursery needs first time around; crib, rocker, maybe a changing table and done. Used it for every kid. Our generation..ummm..not so much. Some folks probably spend the equivalent to everything they bought JUST on a chandelier for the baby's room...because every baby needs a chandelier right? Have you ever looked at Restoration Hardware's Baby section? Do it. Go on and look at the cost of some of the 'extras' and you may lose your lunch. Sorry but it's true.

Does this mean I'm not going to buy some cute prints off Etsy, have them framed and make sure baby girl has some cute swag? No! I am a product of my environment right? I can't be stopped at this point but perhaps there is hope for you. Or maybe just MAYBE I'll tone it down a bit, not sweat over having all of that jazz done and just be Amanda...who also happens to be pregnant. Not a psycho Mommy in search of the perfectly matching rug for the nursery!? (but really..know of any great places to find affordable rugs?) Oh...I fold!

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