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Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello again...27 weeks


I haven't been blogging. I miss it. I miss writing but I haven't been carving time out of my life for myself or this blog in particular. School is out which means I've had little 'A' home with me the last week or so and we went on a little vacation too (to be blogged about). When he's home with me I find it hard (because I feel guilty) to sit and look at my computer when I should be spending time with him or doing other mundane chores around our home. I'd blog at night but I'm fairly shot by 8pm.
I am constantly telling myself it's okay to take a little time for me but it never seems to work that way. Does anyone else feel that way too? This week he's at camp for a few hours learning to be a little chef so I have a little time for work and blogging. I have things to share with you but thought the easiest way to get the ball rolling is to do my pregnancy update.

As of Thursday I am 28 weeks, but this photo captures me at 27.
Weeks: 27 Weeks
Cravings: Still loving my sweets! So happy for summer weather and amazing finds at the farmer's market. I've been really wanting fresh produce (peaches, plums,etc..) I whipped up this salad over the weekend as "let's see what happens" and it was delicious; bibb lettuce, tomatoes, fresh peaches and topped with fried okra. Ranch dressing sounded good to me but I'd bet a lovely vinaigrette would be delicious.

Maternity Clothes: At this point I have to force myself to STOP buying clothes which is so hard. I'm not buying anything fancy but it feels good to find clothes that make you feel great in pregnancy. I justify myself because I've bought non-maternity maxi dresses or skirts so I can say "I'll wear this again.." (We all know the real answer to that probably..shhhh!) I have been buying staple pieces and then trying to jazz up some outfits. It's actually quite fun!
Sleep: I love sleep! I will say proudly that I have had nights where I have been in bed by 9pm and that is sometimes because I forced myself to stay up that late. Guess I'll enjoy now right?  
Miss anything: Summer Cocktails! There. I said it. Beach vacations lack a certain something when you can't enjoy a margarita is all.

Movement: Baby Girl is moving like CRAZY! That is one of the most amazing things about pregnancy to me. When you can feel a little person rolling around inside of you. MIND BLOWN!

High of the Week: Up until this point I haven't allowed myself to buy any baby clothes. I know myself well enough that once I open that gate there is no turning back. However, I finally went at took advantage of the Gap's sale this weekend and picked out a few precious pieces. I found this for my love of all of things nautical, this was simple and precious and this! And frankly I'll probably order this and this too. Told you...once the box has been opened. Not to mention the prices.

Most Excited about: NURSERY! Crib should arrive this week and once I have that set up I'll be ready to work on the details. So excited for that part!

Okay...will be posting again this week! (Promise to myself!)

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