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Friday, May 2, 2014

Get Lost: Ladies Weekend in Greenville; Where to go!

I realize that I needed to follow up on my Greenville getaway and offer up some suggestions for places to go and things to do. First up, a prego shot!

Personally, this couldn't be a more perfect city for a girls' weekend or a romantic one for that matter. Shoot, I've blogged about it before and this is also a great family getaway. Greenville has an AMAZING Children's museum and I never talk about museums with such enthusiasm.

My gal Jennifer at Tin Can Cozy luckily took most of the work out of this for me so head on over to get the links for where to go (which for us basically means where to eat).

Things not mentioned on her blog that I'm looking forward to checking out either next time OR when I'm not pregnant:

Pedal Chic: adorable place to rent bikes for the day. They carry women's, men's and kid's bikes and baby trailers for rent! Score! This is a perfect city to bike around as it's not too big and with the backdrop of the falls it'd be ideal for parking your bike and enjoying a picnic on the river.

Passerelle Bistro: Lovely lovely french cafe right on the river that was playing my French Cafe Radio which we know I adore. The ladies and I stopped in to rest our feet, share a delicious appetizer and have a glass of wine (of course I just downed a bottle of Pellegrino but I did request it in a wine glass). I fully intend to come back here post-baby and enjoy a few glasses whilst listening to that music and imagining my dream trip to Paris....

Funnelicious: If the name didn't already give it away this place makes funnel cakes! A menu of FUNNEL CAKES!!! Can't believe I didn't make this a priority but this pregnant gal has been thinking about it since we pulled out of town.

The Drive: Greenville's minor league baseball stadium is a miniature replica of Fenway Park. My husband is a huge Red Sox fan so it should be fun to hang by the "mini green monster". The stadium is right in the middle of everything, tickets are cheap and it just sounds fun to grab a hot dog and beer (or in my case a soda..womp! womp!) Before you head to the game stop at Mac's Speed Shop to enjoy the amazing beer garden. Fun and family friendly. Although at night something tells me the Amanda of her 20's could have gotten in a lot of trouble here ;)

I sure hope you get a chance to visit this gem! If you do please share with me any fun things you find along the way!

Get Lost!

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