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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Reveal

Boy, this post is long overdue . I don't particularly like the idea of throwing a 'revealing party'. I don't know if anyone else other than us and maybe our parents care that much what we're having. However, I did like the idea of making that moment where you find out special. With Aiden, we were just so new to it all we needed the doctor to tell us right away. As if it were a matter of life or death. Neither of us is good at waiting or surprises so I knew we wouldn't make it to the birth.

So with baby #2 I thought it'd be fun (especially for Aiden) to make it a bigger production. Enter...the balloon in the box concept. So many adorable ideas on Pinterest for the reveal. We settled on balloons because who doesn't like to open a big ol' box of surprise balloons. At the end we let them go..releasing them up to heaven to my Mother in Law, hoping she can catch a little of the magic.

Goes without saying that I am beyond excited to have a little girl. Try as I might I couldn't hide my excitement over the news. I've been gawking over little girl clothes for years so I'm excited to finally get my turn. Plus, one of each. I'm all good. Many thanks to my dear friend Jennifer @ TinCanCozy for capturing the moment. Can't think of better friends to have shared the moment with on a gorgeous day.




1 comment:

  1. so you seriously made me cry...again :) we were honored to be a part of the reveal! I think I need to blog your reaction in a photo book lol. the laugh, the arm, the look on Chad's face ;) xox