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Monday, April 28, 2014

Get Lost: Ladies Weekend in Greenville, SC

So I had this amazing weekend in Greenville, SC with three other equally amazing ladies.  I assumed I'd get home and want to blog about 'where to eat' and 'what to do' in Greenville (and I will) because it is one of my favorite little cites in the south but what I REALLY want to tell you today is that if you're a gal who works her toosh off being a parent or an employee or both or maybe you havent gotten away in a long time then you just need to find yourself a few gals and GO SOMEWHERE!

We went for one day/one night and here is what I know. I know that Falls Park on the Reedy in Greenville is one of my favorite things to look at because it's waterfalls in the middle of a city folks! It's crazy and awesome and the sound of the water is soothing. I want to take my little family there, pack a picnic and just sit by the river.

I know that sometimes you need to spend time with other ladies. I totally believe that is so important. You need to have silly conversations, totally inappropriate conversations and giggle. You need to have serious conversations with them about how hard it is to be a Mom sometimes, to be a Mom that works, how amazing it can be and how cute your kids are too. Whatever it is. It helps to get perspective from other ladies and sometimes you can walk away with some clarity.

I know that laughter makes you a healthier person. There were a few moments (particularly at dinner which was at American Grocery) that I laughed so hard I thought I might break blood vessels in my eyes. It was awesome! Or over coffee at Coffee Underground the next morning when I learned a few new phrases I thought I'd never hear.

I know that while I love love love being with my husband, my son and my dog above anything that sometimes you need to get away just to enjoy the feeling of coming home. Everyone deserves to enjoy that feeling of walking in the door with a refreshed and renewed spirit and a reminder of how awesome your family is you've got.

So go on....grab your gals and get gone!

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