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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tiny Living

Along with my obsession of all things coastal I am equally obsessed with the mountains, or to be specific, tiny cabin living. There are two things I am certain of that I want in this life: a beach bungalow and a tiny cabin. Some days I become insanely overwhelmed with the notion of saying "Screw it!" Packing up my family, heading to the mountains, building a sweet & amazing tiny cabin and throwing all electronics out our window on the way there. I probably scare my husband sometimes, but he seems to dig the idea for the most part. Today is such a day. Let's face it. Life is just nuts sometimes. It's too much. Wouldn't it be kind of sweet to live in a bubble of love with your family? No outside influences or distractions? (I've been watching way too much Alaska: the Last Frontier ANYWAYS....

So I thought instead of keeping it to myself it'd be fun to share with you some of my favorite "Cabin Porn". Cue the Barry White music...oooohhhh yeah!!!! Now, if you're expecting to see huge majestic cabins then I'll see ya later. Maybe one day. But for the sake of being a realist I'm talking about getting all cozied up with your family in a one or two bedroom rustic cabin with nothing but a fire, a view and plenty of buffalo plaid. Here are bits of what my dream cabin would include one day. Let's dream shall we?
Exterior Inspiration:

photo courtesy of http://polerstuff.tumblr.com/
Why hello you sweet triangular love fest of a cabin. Reckon I'd be pleased as pie with the likings of you.

photo courtesy of apartment therapy
Tim & Hannah's DIY Self Sustainable cabin. Yep! This couple blows my mind. I want to meet them. Be friends with them. And then build an identical home next door (could be creepy for them). Check out the story on Apartment Therapy.

photo courtesy of Pinterest
The french doors. The fresh air. The wild flowers. Picturing myself sitting on the porch with a glass of tea hollerin' to the kids for lunch time or pickin' a song by Dolly on the ol' guitar. Either way, life would be good!

photo courtesy of Pinterest
Classic winter cabin. Wouldn't you like to be stuck here on a snowy Christmas morning?

Interior Inspiration:

photo courtesty of Quebecgetaways.com
Largest and most amazing skylight I've ever seen and I want it. Bad! This is an actual place in Quebec you can stay. Working on finding out the details.

photo courtesy of Pinterest
What's a cabin without a wood burning stove? And the little details from the pillows to the rug. Bestill my heart.

photo courtesy of Pinterest
Naturally this is how I picture myself most likely singing "The Sound of Music" or screaming "I'm free! Free as a bird!" But seriously I LOVE that throw and am DYING to find it. Anyone?

There are some legit businesses that offer DIY Tiny Homes that I have my eye on for the future. I'll share those in a later posts. I'd love know some of your cabin musts or places you've stayed in a cozy cabin.


  1. So the second one looks like Cozy's playhouse sooooo you want to move in? We won't be creeped out ;)

  2. Sure... Hook me up with a little more insallation :)