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Monday, March 17, 2014

Tin can cozy

On a rainy and dreary day (like today in Georgia) it helps to think of a day that was AMAZING! I have really grown to appreciate a good party and every Fall I have a great one to look forward to over at Tin Can Cozy's home. It always involves my favorite things; live music, libations, fire pits and friends.
The Backyard set up just makes you feel like you got invited to a private music festival

One of my favorite pictures of Chad and I

The Hubby whipped up a batch of Lemon Drop Moonshine this year! It was delicious and GONE by the end of the evening. A later post I'm thinking... 

Ya'll....(I have to say that so you understand the level of love here) you need to check out my gal Jennifer's blog, Tin Can Cozy. She is so unique, crafty and just 'has a way' with things. Do you know a person like that? Who just makes things more awesome than you thought was possible?Things to look forward to: a backyard Chicken coop, my dream camper, awesome food, her DIY hi-fi, bouquet inspiration and ways to add those touches to life that we all need. 

This gal and I have been having fun for a couple of years now with our families; trips to breweries, Blue Ridge, Sunday Suppers, nights on the town, etc..and we've also been cooking up some blog ideas to collaborate on as well and I am so excited (can you say Marietta biscuit challenge!? No really, we have a multitude of amazing biscuit choices down here). She also happens to be one of my best gal pals here in Georgia. 

So pull up your chair, settle in and get cozy! (see what I did there?) Happy St. Pat's Day to you all.

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