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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Help! My Puppy is an Insomniac!

I want to be cheerful and upbeat and write something so amazing and inspirational that you'll be skipping to lunch today listening to Pharrell's "Happy" on your phone. (and isn't that literally the happiest song ever?) But I have to be honest. I'm EXHAUSTED today. Not from 'pregnancy' though.

No no no. I'd take a little pregnancy sleepiness over this.

Remember this sweet and adorable puppy that I got back in December? Look at that face. Precious right?

Finley has found her way into our hearts. We love her. She's soft, cuddly and all of the things that you want in a puppy. Except for ONE. MAJOR. ISSUE. She does NOT sleep. Wait, I take that back. She sleeps, but she only sleeps until about 4:30 AM. 5:30 AM on a good day. We had a stretch last week where she actually slept until 6:30 AM. I felt like a college kid again. As if I had slept through half my day.

This week though she has regressed. Back to a 4:30AM wake up call. Not sure if you caught my post earlier this week but I'm a bit of a bear when I haven't had the proper sleep. I also have a problem where if I am awoken at say, 4:30AM, it is impossible to fall back asleep. I lay there with my eyes closed willing myself to just let it go, but instead I listen to the piercing sounds of my puppy doing a cry/whimper/bark combo. I thought we'd be passed this by now. My Husband and I lay there playing the "who is going to get up with her" game. Finally one of us folds. (a preview to what awaits us in August I'm sure).

I am willing to try ANYTHING! We moved her out of our room. I have covered her crate. We take her for hikes. We play. We 'attempt' to ignore her ever growing deep bark but who can ignore that? Anyone out there...I need help! Do they make Ambien for dogs? Can I rub Bourbon on her tongue? WHAT CAN I DO!?  I love this dog. I wanted this dog. This face makes me melt but I will take any suggestions....

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