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Monday, March 10, 2014

Bird chirping weather!

Spring is a comin' in the South and I couldn't be happier. We have spent so many lovely days in the backyard lately playing, doing work, grilling and for me...daydreaming. I have been really inspired lately to fancy up our back yard and patio by adding some beautiful plants, a garden, etc... so many possibilities.

When it comes to buying things for the home or myself I used to be able to quickly just pull the trigger if I liked something. These days I prefer to contemplate whether or not something will work, look good, or if it's really worth it. Basically...do I love it so much I HAVE to have it (typically the answer is usually a resounding YES)? But when it comes to making plans for outside I am extremely indecisive. Overall, I can picture some of what I want but when you don't have a green thumb it's hard to make those things come to life. I thought maybe if I put some of the things I'm digging on my blog it would help push me into making a decision soon. Here are a few things I'm currently obsessing over.
photo courtesy of Scoutmob
Along with my obsession over shells and all things nautical and beachy...I have been having a steamy love affair with mason jars for a few years. I use them as d├ęcor, for food, we drink out of them, etc...so it is only natural I'd want to grow something in them too. I love this planter (which you can purchase on Scoutmob) but I think it'd be more satisfying to make it myself and grow some herbs. We use a ton of basil and mint over the summer so it'd be so fun to have it on the ready.

photo courtesy of Scoutmob
One of my favorite blogs is The Amore Abode. Ashleigh is always blowing me away by her creativity and ever since I read her post on making your own Hangin' plants I've been pumped to do it. I have two hooks already in place that will be ideal!

photo courtesy of Ikea
Being that we live in the South and that our house backs up to the woods, we have a few mosquitoes in the summer time (that's putting it lightly). This year I'd like to plant some 'mosquito repelling plants' in our backyard. Lemongrass seems to be a winner so I'm looking at hitting up Ikea for some of these sleek white planters. I love white. It's so crisp, clean and uniform and these won't break the bank for which I LOVE Ikea. In the spirit of harnessing my creative juices I'd like to take a couple of the white planters and add a bit of color to them. I'm thinking of something like the below (which can also be found on Scoutmob here). I'm clearly loving all things ScoutMob lately. Great site. So many amazing homemade goods!! I need to win the lottery stat!

photo courtesy of scoutmob
So on top of the herbs and big potted plants for color on the patio I REALLY want to build a raised garden bed this year. Given the critters that frequent the backyard (the squirrels ate the two tomatoes I managed to grow last year) I loved the idea of building a fence around the garden. We'd need to add something on top to keep everyone out too. Additionally, the use of a horse trough and barrels looks so nice. Now..where to find a cheap horse trough!? Hmmm....

photo courtesy of My Gardening Simple Guide
I look forward to seeing how things come to life back there. I'll be sure to post some photos of how it looks! I'm also looking for some comments/feedback. Anyone with a green thumb or lessons learned in planting a garden. I'd love to hear from you!

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