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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Backyard Updates

As I posted a while back, we have been busy coming up with ways to liven up the backyard a bit. It's been super fun and Home Depot loves us! A few important bits of information:

Disclaimer: I in no way claim to be a DIY goddess, crafty or prone to coming up with good ideas on my own where home décor (specifically anything that requires paint or tools) is concerned. This blog was never meant for such projects. However, if you're like me and see perfect and gorgeous pictures online and KNOW that yours will never look that good then we should be friends. I figure it's worth sharing what I've learned to those who are like-minded. Together we can attempt to be DIY'ers!

Old Patio Furniture: We had some wood patio furniture out back that was looking pretty rough. It had seen better days. It was suggested that we throw it out, but knowing that I wasn't ready to drop the coin on NEW patio furniture I thought maybe we could salvage it for one more summer. It turns out spray paint is really a miraculous invention. Look for the kind specifically for outdoor use (Painter's Touch). It breathed new life into what could have been curbside and I actually prefer the bright pops of color.

It looks so sad doesn't it?

And just like that....pretty as a peach er...or orange!

Pallet Herb Garden:
I saw some spectacular versions of this on Pinterest that were worthy of the pages of Better Homes & Garden. A few were a tad too ambitious for this gal in this stage of my journey to craftiness. I knew I wanted to use cans for an herb garden and that I wanted them displayed somehow but I lacked the vision. We landed on a pallet because we knew it'd be sturdy enough to hold up the plants. We had some dead space on the deck to fill so we decided that would be the ideal location for the herb garden and it got decent sun.

Tip: If you ask at Home Depot they have two kinds of pallets. The ones you pay for and the ones that are free. Gee, wonder which one I'll take!? Score! I picked up the cans, some more spray paint and got the party started. World Market (my favorite store) sells chalk labels so I thought that would cute it up bit. The Hubs busted out some power tools and we made a few holes in the bottom of each can for drainage and then screwed them onto the pallet. I'd love to scuff up the pallet a bit and make it look more worn but the Georgia heat may help me out. This was super easy and made me feel like there is hope for me yet! We'll see if I can keep the herbs alive.

We still have more work to do. Lots of plants need to be potted and we're working on a play area in the yard but all in good time! I'd love to see some of your projects for inspiration too :)