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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Life That's Good!

Ever have one of those days/weeks/months in life where you find yourself 'wanting'? You want to go out to eat. You want to buy new furniture. You want to redecorate a room. You want that jacket. You want to go back to the beach. You want a beach house. You want. You want. You want. I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!!!

The last week I have been like this and simultaneously have been annoying myself because of it. Sure, I can lay blame on a few factors; wanting all new maternity clothes for my ever expanding waist (girl's gotta look good), already planning the nursery and the 'new' things I'll need for that, wanting to plan a momentous Easter since I have family coming to visit which of course means table settings, décor,etc (woohoo!)... I have oodles of things I want. But very few I actually need. At this particular moment anyways.

Oftentimes when I find myself in this place of extreme neediness it takes a song to pull me back to reality. I am a lyrics person through and through. Music is my muse in life if that even makes sense. I need that song though...to remind me of the bigger picture. Just such a song finds its way into my shuffle every time and makes me feel grounded, grateful and humble.

The song was written by Sarah Siskind and Ashley Monroe. If you watch "Nashville" then you may recall hearing it performed by the Lennon Sisters. "A Life That's Good" has that simple country harmony I love to sing along to and a message that at the end of the day we all just want a life that's good. We don't necessarily need fortune, fame, or the material items that we assume will fulfill us. "Two arms around me. Heaven to ground me. And a family that always calls me home." That's it. Everything else is well, everything else.  If we have love, family, faith, then we're doing pretty darn good! Take a listen and enjoy! What are some songs that keep you grounded and really resonate for you? I know that these three below give me what I really need.

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