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Friday, March 14, 2014

17 Weeks

This week marks my 17th week of pregnancy. I initially hesitated to post too much about my pregnancy on the blog but when I think about it, what better way to document the progress and have something to look back on one day. So, I'll occasionally post a picture and a little update. I got the idea from a blog I've really been enjoying, Little Baby Garvin. I met Jill briefly at that super fun Tree Farm photo shoot with Waiting on Martha. I think it's such a fun idea to keep a baby log so let's go....

Weeks: 16-17
Cravings: Sweets! Sweets! Sweets! Specifically this week I am all about Key Lime Pie. I've also been really wanting a juicy burger about once a week. Not the drive thru variety...I want a real juicy, delicious burger full of amazingness! The Red Eyed Mule is calling!! (future post)

Maternity Clothes: I took the plunge and purchased a couple of dresses and a t-shirt. Frankly it just looks better with a belly and I just wanted to buy some new clothes (remember my "I want" phase..yep!) but I'm mostly in my normal clothes. Holding on as long as possible although I spent an uncomfortable hour in church last Sunday due to my attempt at wearing some capris. Yikes!

Sleep: Waking up at least once a night and then of course feeling sluggish but that is mostly due to my insomniac of a dog.

Miss anything: An ice cold Craft Beer...Allagash White? Summer Shandy? A trip to Red Hare Brewing? Oh the humanity!!! mmmm...so good! Breaks my heart.

Movement: Nothing yet.

High of the Week: Aiden kissing my belly out of nowhere. It was so cute.

Most Excited about: Finding out the gender in a few weeks. Aiden is anxious to know if he gets to share a bunk bed with someone. I'm anxious to know if my dream of tap dancing and watching Annie with a daughter will come true. Ha! Either way though it's going to be great.

1 comment:

  1. you look great!!!! nice shirt ;)
    we are super excited to find out what you are having too!!!!!