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Thursday, February 27, 2014

An Apple a Day!

I'm sitting here eating an apple with peanut butter. It seemed like the right choice to make for one of many morning 'snacks' I'll likely have. Early in the day I have been ravenous. It's not too far off my normal routine as I'm an early day eater but with pregnancy when the hunger hits it comes with a vengeance.

I tell you about my apple because while I crunch on this delicious healthy snack I can only think about the 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that are sitting in my pantry. A sleeve of Thin Mints would certainly outshine my Gala apple. And while the sleeve of Thin Mints will indeed be gone by the end of the day because I lack self control this is my effort to control my cravings this time around.

The first time I found out I was pregnant I looked at it as an opportunity to throw my inhibitions to the wind. It was amazing. No more calorie counting. No more exercise. Just a sea of glorious junk food and indulgence. I went to the grocery store and went straight to the middle aisles where I had been told to avoid them by health gurus. This was my free pass. I'd buy Pop Tarts (in every flavor combination), Hostess cakes, boxes and boxes of glorious pasta. I can confidently say I enjoyed every single bite too.

However, I also learned that with great weight gain comes great work to get it off. I mean anyone can get the weight off if they want to but it does get harder with the little ones around and limited time to devote to the gym and yoga so I'd like to make it just a little easier on myself this time. At least sort of stay in shape??  So this time I'm attempting to 'ease' into the inevitable weight gain. Indulge when the mood just absolutely strikes me but keep myself in check when I want to grab the sleeve of cookies just for the heck of it.

And you know what? It's HARD! I don't crave apples or leafy greens. No way. I want things that are sweet. Not sweet in the 'make sure you have fruit on hand to help with a sweet tooth' kind of way. I want SUGAR. CHOCOLATE. COOKIES. The good stuff. I read in my pamphlet from the hospital that you're only supposed to have 200-300 extra calories a day. Riiiiiighhhht! Okay there, Doc. We'll see how that goes.

But I am on a mission. To find ways to enjoy sweets and deliciousness without going overboard. Do any of you have any go-to snacks or 'healthier' desserts that helped without breaking the calorie bank? I'd love to hear ideas.

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