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Friday, January 3, 2014

Making 2014 Count: A Year of Balance & Joy

I have never participated in a link up before so when I saw that a few of my favorite blogs were hosting the opportunity to speak about how I'd make 2014 count I felt drawn to do it.

Each of the hostesses will be sharing so please be sure to check them out.
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That's one reason why blogging is so great. I have to actually put my thoughts in writing for the world to see. I think it makes me accountable, it ignites in me the will to be a better person, it just starts the year off on the right foot frankly. One of the prompts was to choose a word to reflect on, live by, or aspire to for the New Year.

For me, this was really challenging. My resolutions in the past have been pretty standard and stale; eat better, lose weight, work out, etc....but a word that sums up my goal for the year? Yikes!

 I've been spending DAYS trying to find the perfect word for me. Words that come to mind are simplicity, bravery, balance, less, enough, relish, renew, present, etc...I just could  not pick one word at first. I've noticed a trend on my Facebook Feed of friends and other bloggers talking about wanting a more simplistic life, wanting to slow down and just enjoy life. I've noticed many of the above words used as resolutions so it seems we're all on the same page. I've seen people talking about needing less, disconnecting more. I want all of those things for myself in 2014. However, I wanted to have a phrase or a word that resonated with me and that could perhaps carry me through the year when I was feeling not so 'ignited'.

Just as I was about to give up on the whole idea I attended a Hot Yoga class at my local yoga studio. Often I find that I take a class at the most appropriate times in life when I need to hear a message or be told something that makes sense to me. Things click in this space. This class was no different. The class itself happened on December 31st so there was talk of new beginnings and starting the year off right. The instructor kept repeating a word in Sanskrit; Samasthihi.

Now, I know just about as much about Sanskrit as a 2 year old knows about the French Revolution but the way she said it was beautiful. Then she explained its definition; Samasthihi: Standing in a place of balance and joy! YES!!!!! THANK YOU oh wonderful Yoga instructor.

The more I thought about what that meant the more it resonated with me. This tiny phrase encompassed so many different things I wanted to 'resolve' to do.

It encompassed simplicity, slowing down, relishing,  having enough. I want to seek out balance in my life. Realizing that I already have more than I need so there is no need to devote too much time to thinking about what I 'want' in a materialistic form. I'm tired of hearing myself say "You know what we need...." Usually revolving around some type of purchase for the home, the kid or myself.

I want balance. I've never been great at balance. Balance at work. Balancing a checkbook. Heck, balancing on one foot. But I so badly want to balance out my need for wanting to feel accomplished but also just appreciate what I have already done knowing that I'm doing what I can to better our lives.  Stop being so hard on myself for not being where I "think" I should be. Instead I should feel pride over where I am. I guess in this case I want 'contentment'. Not in this sense that I'm done striving but rather being in a place of acceptance which equals peace and gratitude. I'm grateful that I decided to start blogging. Grateful I'm employed. Grateful for many things in life.

 I want to feel balance as a mother and a wife. A friend. A  daughter. Being present and devoting the right amount of time to all of those things and people. Give of myself selflessly to those whom I love and those who love me. Not look at my phone when I'm having a conversation with any of them. This rings especially true as a Mom and Wife. Ick. I seriously "ick" myself sometimes when I realize how much time I'm looking at my phone when I should be looking at someone's face.

I need to put the phone down. No, turn the phone off. Boy I've seen a lot of people talk about wanting this so I believe that we all could use more of that in our life. (side resolution: buy an old school rotary phone for my office...preferably aqua and take it back old school. Wait! There is that "you know what we need" attitude again).

I want to relish and slow down and appreciate the tremendous amount of JOY that exists in my life. I'm talking about joy that comes in big forms and successes but also the tiniest joys such as a snuggle and being told "I love you" from your little one. The joy that comes from knowing you're loved, that you have two arms around you, that you have a roof over your head. That should cultivate insane amounts of joy. I want to REMIND myself to be JOYFUL! Life is pretty freaking amazing.

So here we go...I march head first into what I know will be an exciting year for my family. A year full of laughter, happiness, joy and balance.  Samasthihi!

What is a word that sums up your resolutions? What are you striving to accomplish?

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