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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How To Get A Whole Lot Of Sh*t Done In A Day

Oh. My. Goodness!

Just as I published my post yesterday I was reading through articles on one of my favorite sites, MindBodyGreen. It's like the health nut's Huffington Post. It's fabulous.

I catch my eye immediately on the article entitled "How To Get a Whole Lot of Sh*t Done in a Day"...laughed at the title and immediately started reading. Did they read my blog? Did the writer know my predicament?

You can check out the full article here...but the author really nailed a few things for me. Things that I already 'know' but perhaps just need to hear again. The one tip that really spoke to me was tip #2: Compartmentalize: Be Present in the Moment.

I am awful at compartmentalizing things. Awful I tell you. Perhaps my "word" for 2014 should have been "compartmentalize" because Lord knows I need help with that. However, the way the author, Zoe Cors, described compartmentalizing in this article seemed to make more sense to me as a women who works but also a mother.

"Divide up your time and be fully present to the task at hand. This is a muscle that can be developed. When you're working, really focus on work. When you're parenting, be wholly present to your kids. I often imagine that I have various hats that I put on and take off.

I don't allow myself to go to the park with my son when I'm wearing my “writing fedora.” Nor do I wear my “mommy cowboy hat” when I take a meeting. When you finally carve time for yourself, do it without guilt, even if you choose to do nothing at all. When we let ourselves off the hook for what we're not getting done, it frees us up to celebrate what we are fully showing up for in each moment. "

I may print this out and tape it to my fridge or stick it in my wallet to remind myself that I could be really focused if I just divide up my time and be fully present in the moment. I hope this helps some of you as well!

Have a great Wednesday.

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