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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I log onto my computer. I make a to-do list. It's always lengthy because I didn't quite accomplish everything from the previous days. Working from home I've noticed that my 'work' to-do's and my 'personal' to-do's just blend together. It's all on the same list. This is not a good habit. In fact, it has made it impossible for me to focus myself on most days. I'm trying to cram an entire day of work into a 4-5 hour window which is hard enough.  If I'm focused on work at that time, I can almost bet you $100 a personal to-do will creep its way into my thoughts.

I need to learn the art of focus. I have so many ideas and things I'd like to accomplish. Big dreams. Big goals.  I'm also working on that balance I spoke about the other day here. Part of achieving that balance for me is to feel like I'm getting somewhere and getting things done. I love the feeling of checking something off the list. It gives me tremendous satisfaction. However, without focus I miss things. Things like deadlines for signing my kid up for a sport (and then beating myself up over it). Remembering birthdays and sending out cards on time. Clearing up my list so I can achieve that balance of motherhood and give of myself to Aiden when he is with me. Carving out time to write and blog.  I also just have day to day things that I need to start knocking down soon as well.

So today I ask you...what do you do to stay focused? What are some of your tips? Suggestions? Is it a special planner? A daily routine that helps you? I'll take it...

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