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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Charlie Browniest.....

Sleepless nights, cranky mornings, snappy, zombie-like bags under my eyes. Mistaking the salt for sugar. Drinking so much coffee it all cancels out and has zero chance of helping pull me out of my daze. Am I describing those early days of Motherhood? Not exactly...rather those of a new puppy. 

Let me back up, the first part of this week was spent recovering from illness; sinus, flu, we covered them all largely thanks to the petri dish that is Preschool.  I was whining, complaining, and frustrated that we were ill during the Xmas season. Normally I bottle up my miserable feelings when I feel bad but this time I was downright angry!! I felt like I had the attitude of Charlie Brown, feeling as though this season was now a bust. As Linus says, of all the Charlie Brown's I was the Charlie Browniest. A big middle finger from the universe. 

I had plans for that week darnit..driving around looking at lights, wrapping up my shopping which will now happen back home, literally wrapping presents.  I wanted to make gingerbread houses and those fancy cookies I've been eyeing in Bon Appetit. Shoot...I really wanted to blog! This was a great week with all of the fun from Waiting on Martha's Hot Cocoa party but I just didn't have it in me.

But then....Friday ushered in the arrival of our newest family member; a Bernese Mountain Dog we will lovingly call Finley. We have wanted a Bernese for years so this day was met with great anticipation. 

However, nothing refreshes your memory of those first sleepless nights of motherhood like a new puppy. Woah! How soon you forget am I right? 

 I remember my husband laying on the ground with the hair dryer one night in a desperate attempt to make our newborn Aiden sleep. We were desperate knowing that both of us are awful people without 7 solid hours. This time we layed on the floor talking our puppy off a ledge in her crate, unable to comfort her. I was getting so sad. Hearing a baby or puppy , in this case, kills me!!!

The hair dryer idea crossed my mind. I started thinking back to my readings of "The Happiest Baby on the Block" and wondering if any would apply to Finley. I guess swaddling a puppy wouldn't work though. We'll get through it though...we can handle this right? 

As I write this we are embarking on an 11 hour drive to see family for Xmas. Puppy and kid are sleeping in the back. Husband taking us through Kentucky as his mouth waters from being so close to Bourbon country. I am rocking a few bags under my eyes and am on the mend. And though I'll admit our temporary insanity for driving with a new puppy this far I feel like this little fur ball came into our lives at just the right moment. 

As usual, the universe gave me exactly what I needed! So I'll think about Linus and the true meaning of Christmas. I'll wrap my loving arms around my family of four now and prepare for what will be a great Xmas with family. 

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