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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get Lost Series

We are a family that is on the go....we haven't traveled internationally yet nor do we jet off to some exotic destination on the fly but we do make the most of what is around us and often it only requires one tank of gas.

Enter the "Get Lost" section of the blog...I want to share with you the places and spaces we find and love.

If you're a parent, then you know that when looking online for "things to do with kids in (insert city)" you typically get the standard answers; zoo, children's museum, aquarium, indoor playground, cheesy restaurant, etc..

For someone who doesn't plan her travels around such places and has zero interest in eating at the Rainforest Café again those answers can get pretty stale pretty fast.

Of course I love a good zoo and finding a museum that captures my 4 year old's interest for more than 30 minutes is a winner winner in my book. And hey..we do incorporate those adventures into the mix. Absolutely.

But my goal here is to give you ideas to make visiting a new city or town fun for everyone...parents included. I think that when you have kids you start to think that the only trips you can plan involve a mouse and that the only restaurants you can eat at hand out happy meals. Not true! Could you plan a day that incorporates something for your littles and still tour a brewery? Hell yes!

When I visit somewhere new or even somewhere I've been I'm looking for something that offers a little something for all of us. A restaurant that feeds our foodie souls but perhaps has a kick ass kids menu. I prefer to find a place you just happen upon that you love and your little one goes crazy for too.

This series will be expanded upon as we like to get lost and find adventure in random places. I'll talk about the South a great deal....because I live here and also because many do not realize that the South has so much to offer. I'll even do 'around town' bits in Atlanta as we are still discovering our new city.

Coming up tomorrow...a quick 24 hours in Asheville, NC.

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