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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In my own way....

The world was getting in my way this morning. I woke up excited to tackle this day and then a short drive to drop off my son at preschool was killing my mojo....like screaming and cursing at cars kinda killing.  It seemed that no matter what I did the world wanted to irritate me. Slow moving cars, slow service to get a coffee, no milk sitting out once I got my coffee followed by another 5 minute wait to get the milk. On the way home, a slow moving garbage truck got in front of me and like the universe was flipping me the bird it actually turned into my subdivision and it actually was heading towards my house. AHHHH!!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!

I know we all have days like this where we feel like the world is against us. Luckily I got home, logged onto my computer and was greeted by a friendly email from a friend reminding me of next weekend's getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains. A secluded and gorgeous cabin awaits us. Mountains as far as you can see, a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace (I am obsessed with campfires by the way). Delicious meals being planned, hikes will be taken, plaid will be worn again and again, relaxation will ensue, and fun will be had.

That reminder was what I needed to hear. That the universe is in fact not getting in my way. I'm getting in my own way of just enjoying the everyday loveliness of life. I forgot that the drive that was so irritating was also spectacular as the leaves are peaking to perfection. I should have taken that slow drive to enjoy the beauty because soon the leaves will fall and everything will be bare. What was I in a hurry for anyways?

To top that off I'm taking myself for a hike before I pick up the little guy today. Sure I need to work and check off my to-do list but what I need is to feel that peace and beauty and enjoy that quiet moment. Take back my day! Take back the joy I felt when I woke up today. After all, it's November and I have a multitude of things to be THANKFUL for right? This weekend we did the same and simple beauty of nature gave me such appreciation.

So I guess I would encourage you to do the same. If you feel that things are getting in your way then simply step aside and get out of you own way. Adventure awaits!


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