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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Growing through Showing...

Nothing makes me happier than a good 'light bulb' moment. The moments where all of a sudden things appear so clear and you realize you had the answer all along.

Yesterday I spoke about how I wanted to teach my little one what it means to be 'grateful' and giving for that matter. For whatever reason I had been getting extremely frustrated lately at his constant attitude of 'wanting' things. Now, he's only 4 years old and it's the Holiday season so I can't blame him for wanting things....especially when commercials are in high gear, stores are pushing product pretty hard core, catalogues come in the mail daily... BUT....this is the time in life when he needs to begin to understand how fortunate he is and to feel compassion for those who may not have all of these things.

We sifted through bags of old clothes, old toys that had been packed away yesterday. We were gathering items to send back to the victims of the Illinois tornadoes. I was afraid that we'd start going through toys and he'd magically rekindle the need to keep them but I was pleasantly surprised when he started getting into giving. We did good. The bed was full of things and he was proud.

It was in this moment that I realized the best way to show him what I desperately long to teach is to do it myself. Perhaps you're thinking, "Duh!" but for me it all made sense. He can grow if we show him the way.

This has since spurred a fresh perspective for me. I've never been too big into volunteering. I've always talked about it, wanted to do it, but never jumped on the band wagon. So I've started to  research local charities and holiday opportunities to help around the community. If we can teach him at a young age the wonderful feeling you get when you're helping others I feel we have helped build a foundation that will hopefully take him through life.

So I am curious what are some local outreach programs you know of that the whole family can be involved in?


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