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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Getting Lost in Greenville...

I know I owe you posts about Asheville and Blue Ridge BUT we are on our way to see family in PA and just spent a night in one of my favorites cities in the South. It'd feel like cheating on a boyfriend if I didn't mention it.

Quaint yet Lively. Family friendly but with the right amount of foodie flair to wet our appetitie. I can find plenty to do with the little man (they have a ridiculous children's museum, tons of funky coffee shops with yummy treats, or in this case bed jumping will do) and I can look forward to finding something just as great for the adults at night. Last night we ate a divine meal at The Lazy Goat. Fried
Goat Cheese balls, mussels with chorizo, morrocan lamb, white chocolate brûlée, and more. Ah-mazing!!!

Greenville offers such a great balance. It has captured my heart. We will be speaking about this city many more times with specific suggestions , etc...On my January bucket list...Ice Skating! 

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your families, friends and feasting. 


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