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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where is Johnny Appleseed???

It was a quiet Apple Orchard. Rows and rows of glorious apple trees waiting to be picked by my family. It was peaceful and quiet and it felt as if we were the only ones there to soak in the majestic day of cooler temps and sunshine. We'd fill up our apple bag, grab some hot cider and donuts and relax our feet...maybe find a patch of grass to bask in the peacefulness.

Yep, it was NOTHING like that! That of course was the image I had built in my head for the day (my bad). I was picturing myself as a regular Johnny Appleseed whistling through the orchards and talking to the animals. Instead it was as if EVERY SINGLE PERSON in Georgia had the exact same idea. Forget the apples. I needed an Apple Martini! Stat!

The first part of the morning was going as planned. We made a wrong turn and started heading up the mountain and saw some beautiful sights and amazing homes I'd dream about for the weeks to come. Cue the chorus....Thank god for that wrong turn. I was happy and anticipating the rest of the day.

 As we pulled into the designated orchard we were greeted by hundreds of cars, workers directing traffic, lines and lines of people who also wanted my donuts and cider.  To top it off this orchard wanted lots of our hard earned money. Not only were we charged to get inside the orchard (or I should say the Disney World equivalent to an orchard..which makes me FEAR going to Disney...another post) but then we had to pay EXTRA to enjoy the things naturally my kid wanted to enjoy; petting farms, apple picking, etc...

Situations like this bring out my inner grumpy. Deflate my happy spirit. People shoving, waiting 10 minutes to pay for an over priced lemonade, desperately trying to focus the little guy and make sure he doesn't run away or get taken.

Funny you read other blogs or see pictures and it looks like what you're envisioning. Looks as though they have just had the best day and live the most perfect life. However, I'm now convinced that they leave out the honest captions. Or maybe they brought along a nanny or left the kid at home w/ a sitter. I'm not sure. I could do that. I could post the pictures I took in a panic before the little one disappeared into a sea of apple trees. It'd look amazing, but that's not fair. I don't want to give you false hopes. Now don't get me wrong. We had a decent time and the donuts were delicious. You know what...here are some pictures with real life captions.

"The Hills are alive..wait, where is our son?"

"If you don't get me out of here I'm going to throw this apple at someone's head...where did "A" go?"
Hate to sound so negative...after all the little guy LOVED it which I guess is all that matters. My favorite part was watching him pet the animals and snuggle a kitty even though I am not a cat person....but hey... Momma and Dadda were looking for some peace and fun too and I wasn't going to find it with all those crazies.

Okay so that face makes it worth it....


As we sprinted to get out of apple orchard hell we high tailed it to the local town of Ellijay, GA. Perfection! Rows of little antique shops and we had a few good finds. I could live there (the measure I give whether I like a place or not) Top that off with an ice cold beer before heading home and the day took a turn for the better. We scored these two sought after pieces and I couldn't be happier...

I could write an entire post about my plans for this...

 What I learned about myself from this day excursion is that my blog, the Living Simply part in particular,  is something I really do yearn for and crave in my life. As we drove home I considered the fact that while I was once a lover of the busy city life and still like to dip my toe; I think a quiet and peaceful existence in the mountains (or beach) would suit me just fine. After all, who needs an apple orchard to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us? Plant your own darn apple trees!

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