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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh the wisdom of a child....

Music really is the way to a happy soul. A song can completely shift my attitude, give me perspective, lighten my mood, inspire and motivate, calm me down, remind me of things from my past, take me away for a bit (remember my love of French Café Radio). It is the window to so many things inside all of us.

I take lyrics to heart, and perhaps even read too deeply into them sometimes but that's okay. I was the girl who would take out the insides of a tape or CD and follow along with the lyrics. Now I Google them of course.  Music is a huge part of who I am and nothing makes me happier than discovering a new artist or hearing a song from my past that brings up old memories.

Now typically for me these are songs that are heard on the radio, Pandora or even YouTube. Even an old CD that I find in my stash ( I miss buying CD's).

So it came as a shock to me that the song I needed to hear yesterday came from the lips of my sweet 4 year old son. It was an experience similar to the "Law of Attraction" where you find yourself desiring some clarity or a piece of information and that same day you were led to a book that explained that information you were looking for or in this case a song that gave you the answers.

He had been humming the tune for a few days but never had put the words with it. It was familiar and as someone who recalls lots of lyrics was frustrating that I couldn't point it out.

But last night he sang the song and the words hit me hard. Gave me goosebumps and made me internally get frustrated with myself.  It may have largely been due to the fact that a child's voice (specifically your own) can tug at your heart in very special places. But it was something else. The innocence, the joy and the fact that a young child is carefree and has all they need.

He sang "The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord....for giving me the things I need; the sun and the rain and an apple seed oh the Lord's been good to me"

He learned this at school but I remember it from the old "Johnny Appleseed" cartoon. Does anyone else remember this? I checked this out at the library last year for the little one (also has the Paul Bunyan cartoon which I loved) I digress..sorry.  The irony that one of my last posts was named "Where is Johnny Appleseed" is not lost on me either. I loved that cartoon and as an adult I see the message in the story. The song hit me because I think I/We get caught up in obsessing and thinking about ALL of the things that we want in life and want NOW!! I do anyways. I annoy myself talking about my 'want' list. Clothes, new boots, to take a trip, to win the lottery, to not have to worry about money....EVER.

But you see....I really do have everything I need. A house that is safe and cozy, a family that loves me and I love them, food to eat and enough money to go to dinner if I wish, a job, a good marriage. Shouldn't that be enough? Isn't that what we all want anyways? Isn't that part of living simply?  Here is a clip ( I couldn't resist). I hope today a song touches you...be it on the radio or a child's cartoon.

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