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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can we ever go back?

My son has everything he needs and a lot of what he doesn't need.  Let's go over the essentials; two loving parents, food to eat, shelter, clothing that fits, a preschool education, a bed, and a happy disposition. Way back when he would have been considered lucky and set for life.

Now let's talk about what he doesn't need; a constant stream of readily available entertainment options; cable, apple tv,  ipad, on demand. A plethora of toys that could make many children happy on Christmas morning. Every possible superhero and a few doubles; overly priced dinosaurs that transform into cars and helicopters, an entire rack of dress up costumes, and this could go on and on and on and on...you get my point.

Who is to blame for such excessiveness? Why we are of course. The Parents. I know that.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh the wisdom of a child....

Music really is the way to a happy soul. A song can completely shift my attitude, give me perspective, lighten my mood, inspire and motivate, calm me down, remind me of things from my past, take me away for a bit (remember my love of French Café Radio). It is the window to so many things inside all of us.

I take lyrics to heart, and perhaps even read too deeply into them sometimes but that's okay. I was the girl who would take out the insides of a tape or CD and follow along with the lyrics. Now I Google them of course.  Music is a huge part of who I am and nothing makes me happier than discovering a new artist or hearing a song from my past that brings up old memories.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where is Johnny Appleseed???

It was a quiet Apple Orchard. Rows and rows of glorious apple trees waiting to be picked by my family. It was peaceful and quiet and it felt as if we were the only ones there to soak in the majestic day of cooler temps and sunshine. We'd fill up our apple bag, grab some hot cider and donuts and relax our feet...maybe find a patch of grass to bask in the peacefulness.

Yep, it was NOTHING like that! That of course was the image I had built in my head for the day (my bad). I was picturing myself as a regular Johnny Appleseed whistling through the orchards and talking to the animals. Instead it was as if EVERY SINGLE PERSON in Georgia had the exact same idea. Forget the apples. I needed an Apple Martini! Stat!

The first part of the morning was going as planned. We made a wrong turn and started heading up the mountain and saw some beautiful sights and amazing homes I'd dream about for the weeks to come. Cue the chorus....Thank god for that wrong turn. I was happy and anticipating the rest of the day.

 As we pulled into the designated orchard we were greeted by hundreds of cars, workers directing traffic, lines and lines of people who also wanted my donuts and cider.  To top it off this orchard wanted lots of our hard earned money. Not only were we charged to get inside the orchard (or I should say the Disney World equivalent to an orchard..which makes me FEAR going to Disney...another post) but then we had to pay EXTRA to enjoy the things naturally my kid wanted to enjoy; petting farms, apple picking, etc...