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Friday, September 13, 2013

merveilleusement perdu!!!

merveilleusement perdu !!

(French Translation; Wonderfully Lost)

I started out this day flipping through a back issue of bon appetit. So beautiful, so delicious and this particular issue was an "Insiders Guide to Paris". I will keep this forever until I go to Paris. I have earmarked many a page.

Naturally it got me dreaming of a trip to Paris. I have very specific visions of drinking a ton of wine, a tone of lattes,and eating whole baguettes. Simple pleasures. I want to engross myself in the culture and shop at the markets as opposed to doing the 'touristy' stuff.  This is surely what I'd look like...

Since it's Friday and I don't particularly want to work I needed to do something else to amp up the excitement in my home office (the looming weekend of football wasn't doing it for me)...no better way than playing French CafĂ© Radio on Pandora. La Vie En Rose makes me feel like I'm in some romantic comedy starring Diane Keaton. The only thing I need is a turtle neck and some Warby Parkers. The music is intoxicating and soothing. It helps me focus and keeps me feeling very chill.

Truthfully, I should call this blog WANDER-fully lost as I am an avid wanderluster (is that a word?). It doesn't even have to be anywhere of great distance...a road trip to the mountains, a quick get away 2 hours away, or in this case...France!!!

I'm going to start featuring some of my favorite places I want to go or where I've been...focusing both locally and wherever my budget takes us.

What are some of your places that you dream of going?

Happy Weekend! Bonjour!


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