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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy New Year......


I know, it's not January but the quote above is exactly how I feel about the Fall ( I knew I loved F. Scott for a reason). The actual New Years holiday has never really done anything for me other than giving me a reason to drink enormous amounts of Champagne and stay up late which I can barely do anymore.  It was more of a college/pre-marriage kinda holiday!

I'll float around resolutions but never give them too much pause. It's THIS time of year that feels like a New Year to me...when I feel that all is anew and right in the world. The leaves change, the air shifts and everything feels fresh. The fire pits will be lighting up, leaves will be burned,  camping and cabin trips have been planned, trips will be taken to pick apples, lots of flannel & plaid will be worn, new boots will be purchased, and pumpkin candles have been lit. This is the start of something new and divine.

The Blue Ridge Mountains...where I intend to spend some serious time!

Luckily for me, in Georgia the weather is starting to cool. It will still reach 80 degrees today but the morning breeze feels glorious and I open my windows to welcome that freshness into my home.

I'm kicking off my New Year with a new hair-do (which when you have long hair most people don't notice but at least I do but I'm going for color next which should help the situation), committing myself to blogging like crazy and making the blog look beautiful and reflect me (I have so much to learn about design it makes my head spin), working internally on setting intentions for myself and trying to leave behind things that perhaps aren't doing me much good.

I'm all sorts of inspired by everything I see. Other blogs, a gorgeous photo, being in the yard, getting my hands dirty.  My friend and I have been coming up with so many blog ideas I can't even keep up but it gives me the inspiration to keep moving forward and to stop figuring out what this is going to be and just enjoy it. So Happy Fall New Years to you all.....Here are a few things that have lit my soul up like a Xmas Tree (sorry for the photo bomb but I'm telling you I'm so excited) What gets you going in the Fall?


                                                   I'm thinking something like this to go wine tasting in Dahlonega would be lovely!
Pretty much my outfit every other day in the Fall (usually with a puffy vest)

1 comment:

  1. oh geeze i literally just combusted. soooo many ideas. need lots of flannel, plaid, wine, firepits, coffee...mountains..."you've got me spinning" - fergie hahahaha