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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Doing and NOT Stewing....

I've caught myself a time or two (okay a lot more than that) getting frustrated when little projects aren't getting done around the house. We talk about so many ideas and things we'd love to do.  The 500 DIY projects I've pinned but never do, the flowers I wanted to plant but they haven't made it into a pot yet, the deck I want to spruce up. Sadly for my husband he probably takes on the brunt of my frustration as if it is 1960 and it's HIS job to get these things done.

The reality is that we both work, are both super hands on parents, and often the 'projects' take a back seat to other plans we've made or the need for us to just hang together. That time is so precious we have to enjoy it.

I had a DIY breakthrough yesterday though. It turns out that the only person I should be frustrated with is myself. I have two capable hands that could do many of these things myself. And so I did...with the help of my son. And we had a blast. We didn't watch TV or play superheroes (which for me is a relief...my threshold for pretending to be Batman fades after 2 days).

We got out the toolbox, removed the screws, and headed to Home Depot for our supplies; paint brushes, paint and a drop cloth.  The little one was SO EXCITED to be helping and was even giving me more ideas of things we could do. The enthusiasm was contagious as I agreed he was correct....we DO need a Teepee in his room....and a play 'market'. We spent an hour painting an old dresser and giving it new life. We're attempting to turn it in to a wardrobe for the many play costumes (most that are superheroes naturally). It looks great. We're accomplishing something together and it felt great.

So from now on, instead of ho humming about these projects not magically manifesting and being accomplished by someone else I'm throwing my inhibitions to the wind and going for it! It won't look like the perfectly Pinned photo and we'll see if I decide to share the finished product with the world but sometimes 'doing' feels a lot better than stewing! Happy DIY'ing my friends!


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