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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quest for Time Management?

 Just when you need it most you'll read a quote or hear a song that gives you the clarity that you were searching for in that exact moment. It always amazes me how one phrase can make you say "Yes! That's exactly right! Thank you".

 I've listened to the song "Lucky Man" by Montgomery Gentry on repeat lately. If you don't enjoy country music I wish you did. I love old country music so much and find it so comforting. I also love this band because I swear every song packs a great message about life. This song, in particular, has a great message and it found its way perfectly into my shuffle at the right time...it was exactly what I needed to hear. Take a listen..HERE

A shift within myself has occurred over the last few years. The older I get the more I give real thought and consideration to things before making a decision. Crazy I know...thinking before acting? Woah! What a concept. However, these same decisions, had I been 26, I would have made in a second without much thought...and sometimes it was the wrong decision. Decisions ranging from making an impulse buy (see Friday's post) to big decisions about career, money, quality of life and even travel.

My latest decision has much to do with time. I have had to think a great deal about it, and what it's worth to me. Can you really put a price tag on quality time? We all have heard that time is fleeting and it moves quickly. We all know how your life can change in a matter of months,years, even seconds.  You can't get it back. It's precious. For me I feel like one day we were married (feeling carefree, whooping it up, beating to our own drum, sleeping in) and then six months later we learned that we'd have a little one on the way. Time shifted GREATLY from that point on in our life. Days, Months, Years; they all started to move at rapid fire speed; the baby was just an infant and two seconds later he was a 'big boy' with thoughts and opinions. Every day I try to remind myself to take advantage of the snuggles and kisses he wants to give me because I know tomorrow he'll be a teenager and will want to snuggle and kiss some girl I won't approve of...

 I have been a "Lucky Wo-Man". I've had the fortune of being able to spend a great deal of time being a Mom, hanging with my husband, going on fun day or weekend excursions..not tied to any real constrictive schedule; even with a job. I know that makes me lucky. All of that comes with a cost though too.  I could be making more money somewhere else. The painful "What's Next?" bug gets me every time. I catch myself with the thoughts of "I want to do more; make more; be more"....but at what cost?

The more I make the less time I have with the Lil' Fella. The more I do the more I could be away from home. And is it worth it? Why not cut out other things and work with what I've got? Simplicity.  Instead of looking around at what everyone has, I need to be thankful for all I've got (a line from the song..) I think it's a question that pains many a working Mom, or even a Mom who is thinking about going to back to work. Am I doing enough?

For now though, I am comforted by that song. It's just enough to remind me that I've been given a pretty fair hand, I'm doing pretty good, and that when we look back on life it's that time that will be worth more than anything else.

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  1. Well this entry makes me want to try and listen to country music again...