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Friday, March 8, 2013

Lady, put the dress down and step away from the rack....

This week has turned out to be a little crazy busy and I haven't had a chance to blog everyday like I had wanted to in the beginning.
I had some unexpected yet exciting things happen this week that lead me to down a familiar road that I travel down whenever something big comes up; a vacation, a wedding, a girls' weekend, a special date night, an important meeting etc.. I get frantic and blow off my to-do list (including blogging) to hit the mall and/or boutique (budget pending) to buy something NEW! I always assume that I need something 'new' to wear. It isn't always expensive or fancy, but having something new makes me feel good (as it does most folks) and puts a little pep in my step. I'm sure that the ladies I know who are reading this are right there with me. It's like a minor addiction. It started probably back in college when Friday would roll around and we'd head to Express to buy something to 'wear out' that night. The habit stuck and just got more expensive. God forbid I wear something I already have! God forbid I shop my own closet and be content with what I have.
But this week something happened. I went through the same routine. I scrambled to the closest stores that I tend to shop in, cruised the racks, tried things on, and even found a few items I would have died to have hanging in my closet (even giving myself the pep talk about how 'this would be a smart purchase', 'a staple in my closet really', 'I'd be crazy NOT to buy this'). And then...I stopped myself. Put the items away and backed up slowly to the door and went home.
NO!  I didn't need something new. I had plenty of lovely outfits hanging in my closet, 90% of which no one has ever even seen. I had items of clothing that have been down right neglected. Purchased on another binder hanging there, all alone just begging me to wear them like those sweet puppies you see in pet store.."Take me! Take me".  So I did it.  I found something that I had, wore it, felt great and the day went just as good as it would have had I spent that extra $100 on a new piece of clothing.
I realized that these purchases filled only a temporary purpose; that instant gratification you get when you buy for yourself. It can be exhilarating. But they weren't really adding value to my life at this particular moment.  It wasn't going to change who I was or give me some magic ability to alter my personality. When I really thought about it I decided that I'd rather NOT buy it, save the money and then get something that I have REALLY wanted at a later date.
 I was proud of myself. I got a different kind of satisfaction; the satisfaction of knowing that maybe I was growing up, maybe I was capable of walking away and that less really is more! I could live simply, be content and instead enjoy what I had that money could not buy. You can't put a price tag on that kind of feeling

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