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Friday, March 1, 2013

I INHALED... and I liked it!

Have you ever done something so strange that you know if your friends or family could see you they might think about calling the nuthouse? Come on....we all have done something and we pray that no one was watching right? (um..I confessed to singing in my hairbrush at 32 just two days ago..don't leave me hanging).

We have this closet in our guest room that has become somewhat of a catch all for things we don't need at the moment; namely kids clothing that the Lil' Fella has outgrown but we're afraid to throw away in case one day we have another Lil' Fella. Well, the closet was getting out OUT OF HAND and we decided to give it a good pre-spring cleaning.  It felt like this to me in my mind....

As we tossed around the clothes and placed them into bins I came across one of the Lil' Fellas old Rash Guards (the cute little shirts you put on them at the beach so they don't get burned and because they look so frickin' cute in them). This particular one was from last summer and apparently it never got cleaned after our 2 week beach extravaganza (oops) and boy... he wore this thing out!  Sadly, there was no sense in saving it for the next potential Lil' Fella. I was just about to place it in the 'donate' pile when I caught a familiar smell from the shirt. I inhaled...Oh. My. God....it was the perfect combination of smell; baby and ocean. This was a marketable product. I should buy the trademark right away because Johnson & Johnson got NOTHING on me.  I could make candles, bath salts, body wash, air fresheners for the car. Who doesnt' love the smell of the salty air? Who doesn't love the intoxicating smell of a child? I held it to my face and just kept inhaling. I was the Mommy equivalent of Cheech and Chong. My eyes were probably starting to get glossy.

While the Hubs wasn't looking I strategically placed the top under a pile of clothes I needed to iron later that week. This shirt wasn't going ANYWHERE except maybe under my pillow at night so I could have blissful dreams of the ocean and when the Lil' Fella was well... real Lil'!

Sure enough, it's still hanging around and on the occasion when I need a little pick me up; I find it, pick it up, and inhale deeply....full of memories of the beach, a tinier boy and a little salty air. The fact is that children grow, time moves quickly, and in a blink of an eye the baby turns into a boy. But if you're lucky enough..find your beach shirt (baby blanket, onesie,etc..) and take a little time to inhale that deliciousness that is in front of you.

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